Landau spectra of ZnH and neutral Zn in germanium

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Ishida, Keiichi
School of Engineering Physics - Faculty of Engineering
thesis / dissertation description
Far-infrared absorption spectroscopy was carried out on samples of germanium cut from single-crystal ingots doped with zinc. The ingots were grown in a hydrogen atmosphere and hence also contained the axial complex ZnH. Landau studies were made in the Voigt configuration for both the acceptors neutral zinc, Zn(superscript 0), and ZnH with B oriented along (less than)100(greater than) crystallographic directions. Measurements were made in a super-conducting magnet with field strengths up to 6 T for both ZnH and Zn(superscript 0) using a modified slow-scan Polytec FTIR spectrometer. The incident radiation was plane polarised either parallel or perpendicular to the field. It was found that the main Landau features for both acceptors are the same as for the group III single-hole acceptor boron. The difference is in the fine-structure of the Landau lines which reflects the different natures of the acceptors boron, Zn(superscript 0) and ZnH.