The Making and Unmaking of Mediterranean Landscape in Italian Literature: The Case of Luguria

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Pagano, Tullio
Italian literature--History and criticism; Landscapes in literature; Liguria (Italy)--in literature; Mediterranean Region--In literature; Giuseppe Ruffini; Doctor Antonio; Italo Calvino; Camillo Sbarbaro; Pianissimo; Ligurian landscape; Eugenio Montale; Ossi di seppia [Cuttlefish Bones]; Giorgio Caproni; Ligurian diaspora; Francesco Biamonti; Annie Hawes; Italian Language and Literature
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The book focuses on literary representations of the northern Italian region of Liguria, whose landscape has been portrayed by internationally-known Italian poets and novelists, from Eugenio Montale to Italo Calvino. The author argues that the most perceptive authors situate themselves on a metaphorical ridge dividing the “dark side” of Mediterranean landscape, with its harsh and mountainous territory, from the sun-drenched Riviera, celebrated by the tourist industry and for the most part destroyed during the so-called economic boom. The complex and often antithetical concepts of landscape examined in the introduction inform the author’s readings of those modern and contemporary writers who have tried to make sense of the ambivalences present in Ligurian landscape, from the period of Italian Risorgimento to the present.