AGENDA: Energy Field Tour 2003

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University of Colorado Boulder. Natural Resources Law Center
energy; field tour; congressional staff tour; Blue Spruce Peaker Plant; Blue Spruce Energy Center; Peggy Duxbury; Calpine; National Renewable Energy Lab; NREL; NREL Technologies; wind power; Shoshone Hydroelectric Plant; Glenwood Canyon; Colorado River Water Conservation District; CRWCD; call reduction plans; stipulations; Roan Plateau; proposed wilderness area; Colorado BLM; Colorado Bureau of Land Management; visitor guide; maps; Rifle; Garfield County commissioners; oil and gas development; energy development; wilderness; Diana DeGette; Representative DeGette; balance of energy and nature; National Defense Authorization Act for FY 1998; GSRA Oil and Gas Draft SEIS; P.L. 105-85; Delta-Montrose Electric Association; DMEA; rural Colorado; Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium; geothermal heat; homeowners; Delta Montrose energy; fuel cells; Colorado Governor's Office of Energy Management and Conservation; Grand Junction; Colorado; Colorado GenWeb Project; Judy Crook; Doug Cullen; nuclear simulation projects; Rulison; Rio Blanco; LightHawk flyover; oil and gas; coalbed methane; water testing; coal development; roadless-area development plan; high gas prices; coal-fired generation; San Juan Generating Station; Four Corners Power Plant; fact sheets; Coalbed Methane Development in the Intermountain West; Natural Resources Law Center; oil shale collapse; scenic vistas; preservation; Colorado oil shale; Clifford Duncan; Ute Tribe; Utah Division of Indian Affairs; Trapper Mine; Trapper Coal Mine; reclamation; award; wildlife; Trapper Mining; Inc.; Mineral Information Institute; Colorado mining reclamation; Hayden Power Plant; Xcel Energy; conservation plans; new power plants; Reed Zars; pollution enforcement; Rocky Mountain National Park; RMNP; Air Quality in the National Parks; NPS; National Park Service; Air Resources Division; air pollution; clean air; emissions trading; pollution control technologies; Clear Skies; bills; EPA; Environmental Protection Agency; Congress; mercury regulation; climate change; carbon capture and storage; storage technology; research options; NREL Wind Site; wind technology; Glenwood Springs; Vail Pass; BLM staff; Valley floor; surface use and well spacing; state lands; tribal lands; federal lands; conservationists; Meeker; Parachute; Craig; open pit coal mine; Steamboat Springs; local government; Estes Park; Grand Lake; Colorado Rivers Headwater trail hike; Trail Ridge Road; tundra viewing; IMPROVE monitoring station; cowboys; horseback riding; hiking; Moraine Park; Stables; Administrative Law; Animal Law; Climate; Energy and Utilities Law; Energy Policy; Environmental Engineering; Environmental Law; Environmental Monitoring; Environmental Policy; Environmental Sciences; Geology; Government Contracts; Hydraulic Engineering; Hydrology; Indian and Aboriginal Law; Land Use Law; Legislation; Mining Engineering; Natural Resource Economics; Natural Resources and Conservation; Natural Resources Law; Natural Resources Management and Policy; Nuclear Engineering; Oil, Gas, and Energy; Oil, Gas, and Mineral Law; Power and Energy; Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration; Science and Technology Law; State and Local Government Law; Urban Studies and Planning; Water Law; Water Resource Management
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Congressional staff tour held August 11-16, 2003Summary: Binder of assorted articles, maps, brochures and other materials prepared for participants of the tourContents:MONDAY, AUGUST 11, 2003: BLUE SPRUCE PEAKER PLANT: University of Colorado Natural Resources Law Center : congressional staff tour of Blue Spruce Energy Center / Peggy Duxbury -- 'Power Struggle', National Journal, June 27, 2003 / Margaret Kritz -- 'Calpine's Blue Spruce Energy Center begins commercial operation', Calpine press release, April 17, 2003 -- NATIONAL RENEWABLE ENERGY LAB: NREL at a glance -- NREL technologies -- SHOSHONE HYDROELECTRIC PLANT: 'River District Board supports spring Shoshone call reduction plans, with stipulations', press release, March 12, 2003 / Colorado River Water Conservation DistrictTUESDAY, AUGUST 12, 2003: ROAN PLATEAU PROPOSED WILDERNESS AREA: Roan Plateau -- Roan Plateau travel map & visitor guide / United States, Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, Glenwood Springs Resource Area, Colorado -- Status of the oil & gas industry in Garfield County / Garfield County -- Vicinity map : Roan Plateau Area boundary -- Roan Plateau RMP [map] / Bureau of Land Management, Glenwood Springs Field Office -- Roan Plateau [photos] / Bureau of Land Management, Glenwood Springs Field Office -- VALLEY OIL AND GAS DEVELOPMENT: 'Commission : BLM focus on energy development', Daily Sentinel, May 3, 2003 / Mike McKibben -- 'DeGette doesn't give up on wilderness', Daily Sentinel, July 2, 2003 / Mike McKibben -- 'A balance of energy, nature', Rocky Mountain News, July 8, 2003 / Deborah Frazier -- 'The National Defense Authorization Act for FY 1998--Appendix C : Public Law 105.85', GSRA Oil & Gas Draft SEIS, June, 1998, p. C-1-C-2 -- DELTA MONTROSE ENERGY: 'Cutting edge in rural Colorado?, BusinessWeek, March 5, 2001 / Hal Clifford -- Fascinating GeoExchange facts / Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium -- Geothermal heat pumps make sense for homeowners, April 1999, p. 1-4 / United States, Department of Energy, Office of Geothermal Technologies -- 'Innovative DMEA heat pump program earns Western's Administrator's Award', Energy Services Bulletin, vol. 16, no. 5, October 1998 -- Fuel cells & our F.U.T.U.R.E. (Fantastic Utility Technologies Utilizing Resources Efficiently) / Colorado Governor's Office of Energy Management and Conservation, Delta-Montrose Electric AssociationWEDNESDAY, AUGUST 13, 2003: TRAVEL TO GRAND JUNCTION: Garfield County, Colorado : a short history and description / Judy Crook, Doug Cullen -- Nuclear stimulation projects : Rulison and Rio Blanco Law 105.85, June 1998 -- LIGHTHAWK FLYOVER : OIL & GAS, COAL, COALBED METHANE: Company facts : BP in the San Juan Basin, August 2003 / BP America Inc. -- '150 new gas wells planned for HD Mountains Roadless Area, San Juan National Forest' / San Juan Citizens Alliance -- 'HD gas wells should wait, officials say', Durango Herald, [June 25, 2003] / Dale Rodebaugh -- HD Mountains Roadless Area, San Juan National Forest : 200+ proposed coalbed methane gas wells [map, draft copy] -- San Juan Basin wellsites [map] -- San Juan Basin gas production [chart] -- COALBED METHANE DEVELOPMENT: Coalbed methane development in the Intermountain West / Natural Resources Law Center -- OIL SHALE: 'Shale oil : the elusive energy', Hubbert Center Newsletter #98/4 / Walter Youngquist -- 'Oil shale collapse preserved scenic vistas', Denver Rocky Mountain News, October 5, 1999 / Richard Williamson -- 'Colorado oil shale gets a second look', High Country News, vol. 34, no. 4, March 4, 2002 / Hal Clifford -- CLIFFORD DUNCAN, UTE ELDER: Ute Tribe / Utah Division of Indian AffairsTHURSDAY, AUGUST 14, 2003: TRAPPER MINE: Reclamation success : Trapper Coal Mine wildlife / Mineral Information Institute -- Reclamation success : reclamation award for Trapper Mining Inc. / Mineral Information Institute -- Colorado mine one of three best examples of reclamation in the United States, news release, September 19, 2002 / Colorado Mining Association -- HAYDEN POWER PLANT: Xcel Energy factsheets and map -- 'Xcel investing millions in conservation plans', Denver Post, June 2, 2003 / Steve Raabe -- Xcel Energy supports the Clear Skies Act -- Comments of Xcel Energy Inc. on proposed new source review/routine maintenance, repair and replacement rule, 67 Fed. Reg. 80290 (December 31, 2002) [in letter to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, April 30, 2003] / Olon Plunk -- Xcel Energy / Olon Plunk -- CONVERSATION WITH REED ZARS: 'Reed Zars : policing pollution', National Law Journal, January 6, 2003 / Elizabeth AmonFRIDAY, AUGUST 15, 2003: ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK: Air quality in the national parks, second edition, September 2002 / U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service, Air Resources Division -- 'Clean air : trading plans highlight differences between Clear Skies, competing bills', Greenwire, May 7, 2003 / Darren Samuelsohn -- 'Air pollution : variety of control techniques under scrutiny as EPA, Congress move to regulate mercury', Environment Reporter, vol. 34, no. 25, June 20 2003 / Steve Cook -- 'Climate change : carbon capture, storage technology tops administration research options', Environment Reporter, vol. 34, no. 25, June 20, 2003 / Pamela NajorSATURDAY, AUGUST 16, 2003: NREL WIND RESEARCH STATION: See National Wind Technology Center literature from Day 1, Monday, August 11SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIALS: Colorado Canyons National Conservation Area : Wilderness/Front Country visitor regulations / Bureau of Land Management, Grand Junction Field Office -- Colorado Canyons National Conservation Area : map & guide / Bureau of Land Management Grand Junction Field Office