Observations on Groundwater Law from the Federal Perspective

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Dinkins, Carol E.
groundwater law; groundwater pollution; water resources development; groundwater allocation; federal perspective; Land and Natural Resources Division; U.S. Department of Justice; DOJ; Sporhase case; ruling; El Paso ruling; case; City of El Paso v. Reynolds; Sporhase; federal legislation; interstate compacts; state laws; congressional proposals; Coal distribution and utilization act of 1982; primacy of state water law; eminent domain authority; Coal pipeline act of 1981; rights-of-way across federal lands; state water law; Coal pipeline act of 1983; Sporhase v. Nebraska; Supreme Court; united states; U.S. supreme court decision; H.R. 1207; bill; interstate transfer of water; 1983; state regulation of interstate transfer of water; H.R. 1749; study; interbasin water transfers; Secretary of Agriculture; Secretary of the Interior; Administrative Law; Agriculture Law; Dispute Resolution and Arbitration; Energy and Utilities Law; Environmental Law; Evidence; Hydrology; Indian and Aboriginal Law; Law and Economics; Litigation; Natural Resource Economics; Natural Resources Law; Natural Resources Management and Policy; Oil, Gas, and Energy; Oil, Gas, and Mineral Law; Political Science; State and Local Government Law; Taxation-State and Local; Water Law; Water Resource Management
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66 pages.Contains several cases and US Congress bills as supplemental materials.Digitized copy lacks the Memorandum Opinion for City of El Paso v. Reynolds (563 F.Supp 379 (D. New Mexico 1983)).