Economic and Social Impacts of Agriculture-to-Urban Water Transfers: The Arkansas Valley of Colorado

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Howe, Charles W.; Lazo, Jeffrey K.
western United States; social welfare; markets; resource allocations; market-determined income distributions; social and cultural values; reduced farm incomes and employment; environmental damages; out-of-basin transfers; population; public sector impacts; study; basins of origin; Crowley County; Pueblo; agriculturally related enterprises; historical water transfer activity; ditches; potential transfers; Twin Lakes water; Colorado Canal lands; reduction in crop outputs; reduced consumption demands; with-without analysis; IMPLAN input-output data; Colorado Forecasting and Simulation Model; future economic impacts; cropping patterns; forward linkages; food production; feedlot operations; C.O.F.S. Model; state econometric model; impacts of past transfers; significant local and regional impacts; state economy; Administrative Law; Agriculture Law; Environmental Health and Protection; Environmental Policy; Hydrology; Land Use Law; Law and Economics; Natural Resource Economics; Natural Resources and Conservation; Natural Resources Law; Natural Resources Management and Policy; State and Local Government Law; Urban Studies and Planning; Water Law; Water Resource Management
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