AGENDA: Western Water: Expanding Uses/Finite Supplies

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University of Colorado Boulder. Natural Resources Law Center
water resources development; water conservation; West; western water; expanding uses; finite supplies; changing patterns of water use; pressures; western water law and institutions; supply; demand; value of water; water allocation; water management; improving water use; conjunctive use of surface and groundwater; use of reclaimed wastewater; conflicts between offstream and instream uses; rules for appropriation of water and transfers of water rights; least cost approaches; water demand; alternatives; water system; investment planning; financing; pricing procedures; supply augmentation; demand reduction; pollution control; California water system; role of water transfer options; Richard D. Lamm; State of Colorado; water policy; irrigation management practices; water savings and costs; individual irrigator; hydrological basin; irrigation improvements; on-farm irrigation design and operation; more efficient systems; improved water management programs; economic analysis; costs and benefits; water development; water acquisition for municipal supply; growth and development; Aurora; Colorado; expansion of water supply; water rights conversions; shared risk development projects; conservation; innovative management; case study; Imperial Valley; California; intensified demands; maximize the beneficial use; cooperative water conservation program; Imperial Irrigation District; Metropolitan Water District of Southern California; augmenting municipal water supplies; agricultural water conservation; agreement among federal; state; and local entities; City of Casper; Wyoming; firm water supply; Casper-Alcova Irrigation District; U.S. Bureau of Reclamation; BLM; Kendrick Project; water use; prior appropriation doctrine; history; conceptual foundations; western water use efficiency; policies; best of the West; Western Governors' Association; research; western state initiatives; innovative developments; optimal utilization of water resources; "physical solution"; protect established water rights; increase efficiency of water use; mandate modification of a senior's operation; imposes the expense of change on juniors; Arizona solution; groundwater allocation and use; Arizona's 1980 Groundwater Code; implementation; problems; water transfers and exchanges; water marketing; legal/institutional problems; solutions; allocation of limited water resources; markets; benefits; intrastate and interstate water markets; California Water Control Board; facilitating voluntary transfers; statutes; third party effects; Owens Valley situation; change of use for water rights in Colorado; procedural process; practical problems; keep the farmer farming; agriculture; municipal; domestic; industrial; agricultural water; methods of water saving; legislative changes; promote economic incentives; special water districts; role in western water use; governance; performance; accountability; relinquish control over water rights; future role of the Bureau of Reclamation; western water management; traditional function; regulation and transfer of Burec project water rights; Burec contracting policies; proposals for promoting water reallocation; efficiency in the use of interstate waters; state water entitlements; changes in definitions; compact; full cost pricing; customized beneficial use standards; municipal water systems; integrated; basinwide implementation; benefits and costs; model program; conservation strategies; basinwide analyses; Administrative Law; Agriculture Law; Contracts; Environmental Law; Finance and Financial Management; Hydrology; Jurisdiction; Law and Economics; Legal History; Marketing; Natural Resource Economics; Natural Resources and Conservation; Natural Resources Law; Natural Resources Management and Policy; Property Law and Real Estate; Public Policy; State and Local Government Law; Technology and Innovation; Urban Studies and Planning; Water Law; Water Resource Management
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Conference organizers and/or faculty included University of Colorado School of Law professors James N. Corbridge, Jr., Lawrence J. MacDonnell and David H. Getches.This conference featured luncheon talks by Colorado Governor Richard D. Lamm and Undersecretary of the Department of the Interior Ann McLaughlin. The conference attracted 115 registrants from 19 states plus the District of Columbia.