Intelligence and the Iraq War

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Springhart, Emily
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During the Iraq War there have been an unusually high number of leaks regarding Saddam Hussein?s WMD and post-war planning. Starting in January 2003, with President Bush?s State of the Union address and Colin Powell?s presentation to the UN, both inter and intra-departmental leaks began to emerge from the White House, CIA, State Department and Defense Department. The number of leaks increased several months after the invasion, when no weapons were discovered. The large number of leaks immediately suggested strong disagreement within Washington. Although most of these have been pushed to the side by the more publicized controversies, such as the Valerie Plame scandal, this project attempts to analyze six classified documents that were leaked between September 2002 and May 2006. Focusing on the October 2002 National Intelligence Estimate, the September and November 2002 DIA documents, the Feith memo of February 2003, the July 23, 2002 Downing Street Memo, the State Department?s report on post-war planning, and two Aardworlf reports from August and November 2003, we have tried to pinpoint who leaked the documents, when they were leaked, and what motives were behind each leak.