Observing Perceptions of Successful Second Language Learners of their Sources of Motivation and their Learning Strategies

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Memar-Sadeghi, Mehrnaz
University of Windsor
English; Language; Motivation; Multicultural; Pedagogy; Self-regulated
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Previous research on motivation in second language learners has used teacher-centered theories to formulate ways to improve motivation through pedagogy. This current research explores the strategies that language learners use to keep themselves motivated during the task of learning a second language. Multiple methods are used including interviews, auto ethnography, Five Lenses, and writing as inquiry. Shared and unique learning strategies are found and are categorized under four major categories: media, culture, society, and academia. Some results support findings of previous research by Gardner and Dornyei. Themes that emerged include English imperialism, acculturation, second language identity, career enhancement, , social status, family dynamics (including gender), and the importance of environment in acquiring a second language.