Integrating the Arts into English Learning: A Case Study of EFL Learners in a Canadian University

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Chi, Chenkai
University of Windsor
Artifact elicitation; Arts integration; EFL learners; English learning
thesis / dissertation description
This study is to explore what happens when the arts are integrated into the program called “English Through the Arts” in a Canadian university. This research has been conducted to investigate whether including arts activities contributes to better outcomes for the students who are working to improve their language skills. Semi-structured interviews, participant observation and artifacts elicitation have been employed as methods of data collection. Seven participants from China, Kazakhstan, India and Saudi Arabic have been interviewed with their artworks crafted in sessions. The results showed that arts serve as a stimulus, refresher, guider and facilitator in English language learning. In addition, arts also act as cohesion of the class, contributing to learning English. Participants in this program showed high involvement and engagement in learning English when integrating arts into English language learning.