Algae from the cave of Mátyás Mount, Budapest, Hungary

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International Journal of Speleology, ISSN: 0392-6672, Vol: 2, Issue: 1/2, Page: 155-164

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Palik, P.
University of South Florida Libraries
Earth Sciences; Physical Sciences and Mathematics
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Seven collections containing scrapings of speleoclay or samples from the cave waters were received from L. Hajdu and were cultured in light in a modified Knop’s solution. The cultures yielded 21 different algal taxa, of which five species belong to the Cyanophyta four to the Bacillariophycaea class of the Chrysophyta and twelve to the Chlorophyta. From the species distribution, the cave shows a similarity to the nearby cave of Pàlvolgy, namely both of them contained more than 50 per cent Chlorophyta. Among the Cyanophyta the occurrence of Baradlaia speluncaecola Palik is noteworthy. This species seems to be a true troglobitic alga, since the genus is known only from caves.