Knowledge Adequacies and Training Needs of Rehabilitation Educators

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Counselor Education and Supervision, ISSN: 1556-6978, Vol: 22, Issue: 3, Page: 242-249

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Emener, William G.; Rasch, John D.; Spector, Paul E.
Social Sciences; Psychology
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This article describes results of a national survey of rehabilitation educators concerning their perceptions of their knowledge adequacies and training needs. Twelve vital instructional areas were identified and respondents were asked to rate each area for their adequacy of knowledge, need for inservice training, and willingness to attend inservice training. Findings showed that educators rated their knowledge adequacy high and their need for inservice training low. Although there was a significant inverse relationship between knowledge adequacy and need for inservice training, there was no significant relationship between willingness to attend inservice training and knowledge adequacy, or between willingness to attend inservice training and need for inservice training. 1983 American Counseling Association