1997 Sub-Librarians Meeting: Sleuths on the Screen

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Pollak, Marsha; Miller, Ron; Brown, Paula; Steele, Robert H.
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Marsha Pollak and Robert Steele welcomed the Sub-Librarians to the Holiday Inn for afternoon tea once again and reminded them to take a look at the shadow boxes representing Sherlockian stories and the re-creation of 221B sitting room after the program. Greetings from various scions were given: Steele from the Scowrers and Molly Maguires, Michael Kean from the Diogenes Club of Monterey, and Ray de Groat of the Persian Slipper Club. Everyone then stood and sang "God Save the Queen."The traditional toasts were given to Sherlock Holmes, to Lomax by Maxine Reneker, to Hill Barton by Don Yates, to Baron Gruner by Frank Sadowsky, and to Kitty Winter by Rosemary Michaud. This last was a particularly rousing ditty, a tribute in song to Kitty, sung "expressively" by Michaud.Our first speaker, Ron Miller, is the award winning, syndicated television columnist for The San Jose Mercury News. The author of Mystery! A Celebration: Stalking Public Television's Greatest Sleuths, he spoke on detectives on the small screen.Paula Brown, our next speaker, is a well-known Sherlockian who started a scion called The Noble West Enders. Paula is an expert on, and paid tribute to, the late Jeremy Brett, portrayer of Holmes on Mystery!The meeting ended with the singing of "A Song for Sub-Librarians" and the reading of Vincent Starrett's poem "221B." Many then walked across the hall to the S.Holmes Esq. Pub for a drink and more conversation.