Delia Locke Diary, 1880-1884" by Delia Locke

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Locke, Delia
Holt-Atherton Special Collections, University of the Pacific Library
Delia Locke; diaries; women; diarist; California; Locke-Hammond Family Papers; Lockeford; CA; Dean Jewett Locke; rural life; rural California; 19th Century; church; temperance organizations; Mokelumne River Ladies' Sewing Circle; temperature recordings; journal
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Page 128 1881. Ida is to be at home but a little time, and I would rather stay and visit with her. But here is the point. How can I stay here? I am daily growing worse and cannot stay here - perhaps if I try to do so, I shall shortly be carried to Mrs. Tabor's, sick, and I cannot improve fast there. So I find I must go. But I do dislike to leave Ida with all the care here. Mr. Cooke and Annie Cahill are also here waiting to start, so we have a house-full. (T.S.R. 62. 2 P.M. 90. S.S. 69.) July 9. Saturday. We started today on the Yo-Semite trip - twelve in number - with a tent and provisions, and three wagons, also taking Duke as an extra riding horse. Ada is riding on Duke, Howard and Miss McAllep in the Studebaker wagon, Mr. Pascoe, Alice and myself in our spring wagon. and Mr. Cooke, Fanny Athearn, Amelia Bruml, Miss Dart, Annie Cahill and Mary in Uncle Geo's wagon with two black horses of Mr. Thurston's. In our wagon are a black and a white horse of Mr. Putnam's, and Howard drives two of our horses. Sat. afternoon is not a very good time to start, but Howard and Miss McAllep are limited for time as they must commence school again on the first day of August. So we will go as far as we can and camp. I am half sick and so also is Alice - she has fever today but the weather is fine. We have come to Ballota tonight crossing the Calaveras on Fisher's bridge and have camped a little way up the bluff on the other side, near what was once a Hotel - and a large one - now mostly deserted. A family of colored people live in one part of the house, and the man who owns it sleeps up stairs with his hired men, but he said we might spread our beds in the house in the empty rooms, so Alice, Ada and I accepted his invitation. (T.S.R. 60. 2 P.M. 81. S.S. 65.) July 10. Sabbath. We slept well last night, but those who slept in the tent talked too much, so did not rest well. We had prayers (which we intend to have every morning before starting) and then debated whether or not we