Gender Role Perceptions for men and women through various types of media

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Guiterrez, Alexis; Kruis, Austin M.
Social Psychology
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In the past decade, it is hard to deny that social media has become more and more prevalent in our daily lives. It would also be hard to deny that it has subsequently become a huge influencer in many of our day-to- day activities. This can be also said true for how we perceive gender roles. When growing up, it used to be up to one’s parents to teach them how to act correctly. The boys would work with their fathers and daughters with their mothers. Due to the increase in media consumption, it has become the new “norm” for children and young teens to use media to form their perceptions of gender roles. Past research shows that media consumption and perceived gender roles are highly correlated for both men and women (Pritchard & Cramblitt, 2014). Even though differences in gender are highly documented in research, the media is still using typical stereotypes to portray men and women. This means that women are portrayed as sexual figures who are subordinates, housewives, or victims while men are portrayed as the more powerful, idol character. Given this information, it is clear that media is playing a large role in how people perceive gender roles.Keywords: gender roles, social media, perception