From Housing to Homes: A Review of the Literature on Housing Approaches for Psychiatric Consumers/Survivors

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Parkinson, Shannon; Nelson, Geoffrey; Horgan, Salinda
Psychiatry and Psychology
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In this paper, we review the literature on housing for psychiatric consumer/survivors since the publication of the Nelson and Smith Fowler (1987) review more than a decade ago. First, we review research and propose a definition to contrast key features of three approaches to housing: (a) custodial, (b) supportive, and (c) supported. Second, we examine studies of the relationships between the characteristics of housing and adaptational outcomes for residents (e.g., personal empowerment). Third, we review studies which have examined out-comes for residents for these three different housing approaches. We conclude by critically reflecting on the values and research of the different approaches to housing, to make recommendations for future policy and planning, practice, and research.