A Comparative Analysis of Parallel Revisionism in the Plays Rabinal Achí and Zoot Suit

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Brigham Young University - Provo

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Lewis, Matthew C.
Brigham Young University - Provo
Luis Valdez; Rabinal Achí­; Zoot Suit; History; Revisionism; Spanish and Portuguese Language and Literature
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This study draws parallels between the dramatic works Rabinal Achí­, an anonymous ancient Mayan text, and the Luis Valdez masterpiece Zoot Suit. The parallel that I seek to establish is one of the strong trend of historical revisionism in both works as well as a parallel development of plot and characterization. This work does not claim to be representative of revisionism as a whole, nor does it seek to establish a new official history, but it does to demonstrate how both works, even though they are separated by hundreds of years, share a common bond of subversion and direct opposition to established norms and to the "facts" of a recorded official history in an attempt to give voice to the experience of the historically overlooked individual.