Characterization of Mechanical Properties of Battery Electrode Films from Acoustic Resonance Measurements

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Brigham Young University

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Dallon, Kathryn Lanae
Brigham Young University
battery; acoustics; resonance; material characterization; Electrical and Computer Engineering
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Measurements of the mechanical properties of lithium-ion battery electrode films can be used to quantify and improve manufacturing processes and to predict the mechanical and electrochemical performance of the battery. This thesis demonstrates the use of acoustic resonances to distinguish among commercial-grade battery films with different active electrode materials, thicknesses, and densities. Resonances are excited in a clamped circular area of the film using a pulsed infrared laser or speaker and responses are measured using an electret condenser microphone. A numerical model is used to quantify the sensitivity of resonances to changes in mechanical properties. When the numerical model is compared to simple analytical models for thin plates and membranes, the battery films measured here trend more similarly to the membrane model. Resonance measurements are also used to monitor the drying process. Results from a scanning laser Doppler vibrometer verify the modes excited in the films, and a combination of experimental and simulated results is used to estimate the Young's modulus of the battery electrode coating layer.