In-Plane Photonic Transduction of Silicon-On-Insulator Microcantilevers

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Optical Society of America

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Anderson, Ryan; Kim, Seunghyun; Nordin, Gregory P.; Wook Noh, Jong; Cardenas, Jaime
Optical Society of America
sensors; integrated optics devices; Electrical and Computer Engineering
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We demonstrate an in-plane photonic transduction method for microcantilevers, which have been widely investigated for sensor applications. In our approach the microcantilever is etched to form a single mode rib waveguide. Light propagates down the microcantilever and crosses a small gap at the free end of the microcantilever, some of which is captured by an asymmetrical multimode waveguide that terminates in a Y-branch. The Y-branch outputs are used to form a differential signal that is monotonically dependent on microcantilever deflection. The measured differential signal matches simulation when microcantilever rotation is properly accounted for. The measured differential signal sensitivity is 1.4 x 10-4 nm-1 and the minimum detectable deflection is 0.35 nm.