Twitter analysis of the orthodontic patient experience with braces versus Invisalign

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Noll, Daniel A
orthodontics; braces; Invisalign; patient experience; Twitter; Orthodontics and Orthodontology
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thesis / dissertation description
The purpose of this study was to examine the orthodontic patient experience with braces compared to Invisalign® by means of a large-scale Twitter sentiment analysis. A custom data collection program was created to collect tweets containing the words “braces” or “Invisalign.” A hierarchal Naïve Bayes sentiment classifier was developed to sort the tweets into one of five categories: positive, negative, neutral, advertisement, or not applicable. Among the 419,363 tweets applicable to orthodontics collected, users posted significantly more positive tweets (61%) than negative tweets (39%) (p-value = ® tweets (p-value=0.4189). In conclusion, Twitter users express more positive than negative sentiment about orthodontic treatment with no significant difference in sentiment between braces and Invisalign® tweets.