Adenosine 3', 5'-cyclic monophosphate activation of islet chloride channels

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Varandani, Anjali
Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
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thesis / dissertation description
The objective of this thesis was to understand the regulation of islet Cl⁻ current by cAMP. This current, known as Icl,islet flew is the first Cl⁻ channel current characterized in pancreatic cells. Icl,islet has been hypothesized to modulate insulin secretion through changes in islet electrical activity. Both 5 M forskolin and 100 M IBMX (3-isobutyl-1-methylxanthine), agents that increase intracellular cAMP, were shown to activate an outwardly-rectifying ionic current in HIT cells that closely resembled Icl,islet. The current was blocked when iodide was substituted for external Cl⁻ or when the Cl⁻ channel blocker niflumic acid was applied to cells. In contrast, removal of [Na⁺]O did not inhibit the current. In many cells, Cl⁻ current activated and then spontaneously deactivated following cAMP stimulation, suggesting the possibility that the channel desensitizes to [cAMP]i. Exposing cells to multiple cAMP activators revealed that Cl⁻ current declined because it became refractory to increased [cAMP]i. The implication of these results to islet physiology is discussed.