The challenge of human rights: Past, present and future

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The Challenge of Human Rights: Past, Present and Future, Page: 312-330

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David Keane; Yvonne McDermott
Edward Elgar Publishing; Edward Elgar; Elgar
Social Sciences; intellectual property; human rights; United Nations; international law; Human Rights Law; Intellectual Property Law; International Law; Law
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'This volume represents a genuine attempt to think beyond the realms of what exists, to reflect on ideas postulated in the past that could be of great salience in the future. It presents the reader with a key question: to what extent are the contemporary concepts of human rights and the systems that support them equipped to address the challenges of a changed world? By thinking through some of the ideas of the past, with a set of promising young scholars alongside more established names, readers will gain a sense of how human rights politics have shaped the current regime while also becoming attuned to the extent to which new directions and mechanisms can be forged in the future. Many of the individuals whose contributions are encompassed in this volume have strong links to the Irish Centre for Human Rights, at the National University of Ireland, Galway, an institution that has had a significant impact in its first decade of existence under the stewardship of Professor William A. Schabas. This volume celebrates the success of the institution by showcasing some of the talent it has generated, and is likely to be of avid interest to all who care about the future of human rights.' - From the foreword by Joshua Castellino, Middlesex University, UK. © The Editors and Contributors Severally 2012. All rights reserved.