Global Corporate Reorganization/ Global Corporate Governace: Imperfect Information and Credible Commitment

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Vol: 4, Issue: 1, Page: 89-127

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Grossfield, Bernhard
Enron; United States Bankruptcy Code; Corporate Governance; Delaware; Louis K. Ligget Co. v. Lee; Robert Daines; Discounted Cash Flow Analysis; Bankruptcy Universalism; In re Simon; Odyssey International Holdings; Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation; Transnational Insolvency Project; In re Nakasch; In re Chiles Power Supply Co.; Hanseatic; Comity; Hartford Fire Ins. Co. v. California; Watkins v. Holman; Constructive Possession; custodia legis; In re Lykes; Domestic Globality; Baker v. Gen. Motors Co.; Cole v. Cunningham; Fruehauf; Richard Neely; US Domestic Control; Hilton v. Guyot; In re Spanish Cay Co.; Underwood v. Hillard; In re Treco; Business Organizations Law; Comparative and Foreign Law