Edward R. Stettinius, Jr., and the Mexico City conference of 1945

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Kowba, William A.
Edward R. Stettinius; Jr.; (Edward Reilly); 1900-1949; History
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To understand the origins of the Chapultepec Conference, one must study the causes of Latin American resentment toward the United States in late 1944. One highly debated theme within inter-American affairs arose from United States involvement in planning a world organization. The "Big Four" (the United States, Soviet Union, China, and Great Britain) met outside Washington, D. C., at Dumbarton Oaks beginning August 21, 1944 to formulate guidelines for an international peace-keeping body. The secrecy in which the conferees deliberated perturbed Latin Americans, concerned as they were over the preservation of the inter-American regional system. When the discontent became too vocal, Cordell Hull, the Secretary of state, and Undersecretary Stettinius invited Latin American diplomats in Washington to private briefings.