Looking to Cure Eskape Pathogens in Your Own Front Yard

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I collected my soil sample from my yard, specifically by my porch, in an area where our pets don’t go. I chose this area because I was curious to see if the soil in my own front yard could potentially one day, help cure eskape pathogens. The soil was dark, had a couple of rocks and twigs, and was a bit moist. After going through the dilution and plating process, I had 17 possible candidates that showed zones of inhibition. 4 of the zones peaked my interest more than the rest—they had zones on the inside of the bacteria, versus the outside, and one of them had a zone on both the inside and outside. From there I used the cavalier method to screen my candidates. Unfortunately, after screening them against each safe relative, I had no candidates to continue on. To finish my project, I will be adopting a classmate’s pure culture candidate where it will then be sent for PCR screening, and followed through looking at metabolic testing, genetic identification, and the phylogenetics.