Overcoming the Restrictive Nature of Traditional Film Scholarship Publication Methods with Augmented Reality

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Wagenheim, Christopher
Communication Technology and New Media; Critical and Cultural Studies; Digital Communications and Networking
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Traditional film scholarship publication methods — an arrangement of texts and still images on printed paper — inhibit an author’s ability to accurately convey the aural and kinetic nature of the medium. With information overlaid onto reality by Augmented Reality (AR) technology the gap between static text and still imagery and aural and kinetic digital media is drastically reduced. This paper describes the development of a film scholarship AR mobile application for film schol- arship that provides an aural and kinetic experience for readers by allowing them to access aug- mented, multimedia content in real time. AR is utilized by this application for its ability to con- nect digitally enhanced views of the real world with meaningful content. Mise en Scène is an AR technology mobile application that allows for extra information to be augmented and displayed by tracking still images and text in academic publications. Mise en Scène was developed and im- plemented as a student service-learning class project following agile software development meth- odology.Keywords: Augmented Reality, Mobile Application, Agile, iOS Development, Film Scholarship