Between Worlds: A Personal Journey of Self-reflection While on the Path of Conocimiento

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Aguilar, Edmundo M.
Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education; Chicana/o Studies; Ethnic Studies; Indigenous Education; Other Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
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The purpose of this research project is to catalyze systemic social change through a documentary film that critically interrogates identity and oppressive experiences through Gloria Anzaldúa’s framework: Path of Conociemiento. In this autoethnographic documentary, I utilize the seven stages of awareness/reflective consciousness within the Path of Conociemiento to ground participants’ experiences into practice. The documentary film serves as a pedagogical instrument to educate, inspire, and inform communities subjugated by systems of oppression created and sustained by white-supremacist capitalist patriarchy ideology; furthermore, also providing readers/viewers, from privileged communities, an opportunity to re-connect with the disenfranchised by bridging our differences. This form of activism will create an opportunity for healing, transformation, and positive social change by building bridges over physical and psychological walls. Within this autohistoria (coined by Anzaldúa: a personal narrative, testimonio, factual accounts, cuento, and poetry that transcends the status quo) the documentary film shares the stories of several people living in the state nepantla. The stories of those living in-between cultures, lost and forgotten by the rest of the world, will unselfishly create a humanizing bridge for those living on each side of the normalized us/them binary. As a result, the findings in this research support Gloria Anzaldúa’s framework: Path of Conocimiento and reveal the experiential evidence in the film. The participants’ decolonizing journey brings insight to the major transformations and shifts in perception and belief systems that support and perpetuate systems of oppression. Consequently, through self-reflective dialogue, critique and resistance, this project is designed to dissolve the demarcations that divide us, and in turn create a common culture, while still celebrating our differences. 40 minute documentary short