Effects of Habitat Fragmentation on Shrub-Steppe Birds in Southeastern Idaho

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Rideout, Catherine Ward
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There is great concern over negative population trends for several songbird species as documented by the North American Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) (Sauer et al. 2000). Recent declines of songbirds in the Midwest (Robinson 1992, Donovan et al. 1995) and in the East (Wilcove 1985, Sauer and Droege 1992) have been attributed to fragmentation of habitat on the breeding grounds of several songbird species. Habitat fragmentation occurs when normally continuous habitats are divided into smaller patches and has been defined as 'an anthropogenic disruption, including disruption of natural disturbance regimes, in the continuity of habitat in relation to historical conditions' (Sallabanks et al. 1999).