An Interactive, graphical typeface identification system

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Myers, Charles III
thesis / dissertation description
Most, if not all, published type identification books suffer from serious drawbacks which make them difficult to use by both typographic novices and professionals. Few effective computerized programs exist to simplify the identification of typefaces. The purpose of this project is to create an effective, visually attractive, interactive and easy-to-use model of a type identification system, which, if successful, will be fully developed. This is accomplished by combining the graphics and interactivity of the World Wide Web with the database management capabilities of modern database products. The user is given a series of "questions" regarding readily observable structural characteristics of the unknown typeface, such as whether the bar of the e slopes or is horizontal. The identification is based on the user's answers. By using the World Wide Web, the prototype typeface identification system can be provided as a service to the design and desktop publishing community, relieving users from hours of frustration manually searching typeface identification books.