Philosophies and characteristics of bilingual/bicultural programs of the deaf

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Kelly, Paul
Bicultural deaf programs; Characteristics of bilingual; Survey
thesis / dissertation description
This study examined the pholosophies and characteristics of ten Bilingual/Bicultrual Programs of the Deaf in the nation including one in Canada. By means of a survey, five aspects bilingual/bicultural programs were investigated: (1) demographics of the deaf bilingual/bicultural programs, (2) the roles of American Sign Language (ASL) and English, (3) communication policies, (4) languages in the curriculum, and (5)the program's bilingual/bicultrual curriculum. Analysis of the responses revealed that a large percentage of teachers was deaf in bilingual/bicultrual programs. American Sign Language was recognized as the most appropriate and accessible language for deaf children and teachers and teacher aids/assistants were expected to use it as the main language of instruction. All programs recognized ASL and English as equal but separate languages.