Analysis of color errors and their sources in a commercial color reproduction process

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Sakda Siriphan,
Color error; Color reproduction; Densitometry; Dot area; GARC; GATF; Ink color; Tone reproduction
thesis / dissertation description
To analyze color errors and their sources in the color reproduction process, the reproduction is visually evaluated and compared visually with the original scene color scales and also with the original transparency viewed on a variable brightness illuminator (D5000) with an opaque reflective white surround. Graphs (press plate curves, single color proofs and END of single color proofs) have been added to the Kodak tone-reproduction diagram (1960) to obtain more complete steps in the analysis of the tone-reproduction and the color balance. The GATF Evaluation Method of Ink Color is tested and the GARC colorimetric system, which is a modified Adam’s chromatic value system, is used to analyze colorimetric measurement. The slightly dark reproduction, the shift of the color balance to bluish cyan in the reproduction; the shift of hues, the magenta toward red, the cyan and the green toward blue; and the desaturation of the blue, the cyan and the yellow are discovered as errors in the reproduction. The possible improvements of these errors are discussed. The hope to combine the tone-reproduction analysis, the GATF Evaluation of Ink Color and the GARC colorimetric system into one system of analysis of the color errors is not fulfilled, because the mask percentages obtained from the Evaluation of Ink Color do not agree with that of the reproduction process and the hue error and grayness of the Evaluation of Ink Color do not correspond with the visual hue and the color saturation. However, the results of the colorimetric analysis, such as hue errors and the saturation of reproduced color, correspond quite well to the visual evaluation and the results of the tone-reproduction of the colorimetric analysis can be related to the reproduction process. It is concluded that great benefit is obtained by using the three systems; the subjective evaluation, the tone-reproduction analysis and the GARC colorimetric system for the analysis of the color reproduction process.