An Investigation into Implementing E-commerce Workflow in the Digital Print Market

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Dolinskiy, Svetlana
thesis / dissertation description
The Print Industry is gradually changing into IT technology based service provider as new services and technologies are continuously being introduced. It is vital for print service providers to keep abreast of these changes and provide custom solutions for their customers.E-commerce solutions are some of the value-added services that print service providers offer. Digital printing is one of the fastest growing sectors in the Print Industry, with revenues increasing by 129 percent from 2000 to 2005 (Smyth, 2005 p. 23). Combined, e-commerce capabilities and digital printing can provide a service that fulfills the customers' requirements for fast turnaround times and on-demand printing.The following study explored the current conditions of e-commerce enabled applications in the digital print market. Seven interviews were conducted with digital print service providers that are involved in e-commerce software solutions. This study investigated the current enablers and barriers in implementing e-commerce solutions in the digital print market, in addition to providing future predictions for implementing these services.The study showed that the future of the Print Industry consists of companies that are able to embrace new technology. Print service providers are merging with IT and marketing companies to provide their customers with shorter turnaround times, wide variety of services and up to date technology at low cost. These companies have the success factors needed to survive in the future print market.