The Quality Attribute Design Strategy for a Social Network Data Analysis System

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Bai, Ziyi
Design; Modifiability; Performance; Quality attribute; Software architecture
thesis / dissertation description
An excellent software project can often identify quality attributes, expressed by the nonfunctional requirements. Quality attributes include modifiability, performance, availability, security, and so on. The nonfunctional requirements that address those quality attributes should be considered during the design phase. The quality attribute design approaches will be considered to achieve those requirements.In this thesis, an architecture will be designed for a new social network data analysis system, is named Trowser, through several architectural approaches. Before starting the design phase, the source code of an existing social network analysis system, Gephi, is analyzed. The quality attribute design strategies are summarized from the analysis result and unite with the known design tactics to design the architecture of Trowser. The Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method(ATAM) will be used for evaluating the quality of the architecture. Finding the good design strategies for social network data analysis system.