Wearable Wonderland: Using Interaction Design and Wearable Technology to Motivate People to Stay Active

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Yang, Xi
Game design; Interaction design; User experience
thesis / dissertation description
Wearable Wonderland is an interactive game about a boy's wonderful journey. The game is a mobile app that works with wearables. The goal of the thesis is to promote a healthy lifestyle using wearable technology. The target audience is young people who want to build a healthy lifestyle and become more active, ranging from ages 18 to 30.Staying active and maintaining enough sleep is important to one’s overall wellbeing. Today, many fitness trackers and fitness apps have appeared on the market to encourage doing exercise. They can track people's activities easily. However, most of these apps cannot engage users over a long period of time because these apps cannot motivate users.The mission of this project is to help people establish an exercise routine while they are playing an engaging game. The thesis project is an iPad sized web-based interactive prototype that simulates one level of the game.