41CP12, Burial 1, Pot 3" by Timothy K. Perttula and Robert Z. Selden Jr.

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Index of Texas Archaeology: Ripley Engraved

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Perttula, Timothy K.; Selden, Robert Z., Jr.
American Southeast; Caddo; Ceramic; Pottery; Archaeology; Anthropology; Archaeological Anthropology; Social and Behavioral Sciences
artifact description
SITE NAME OR SITE NUMBER: Johns VESSEL NO.: Burial 1, Pot 3 NON-PLASTICS: grog VESSEL FORM: Carinated bowl RIM AND LIP FORM: Direct rim and a rounded lip CORE COLOR: G (fired in a reducing environment and cooled in the open air) HEIGHT (IN CM): 11.3 ORIFICE DIAMETER (IN CM): 29.6 DIAMETER AT BOTTOM OF RIM OR NECK (IN CM): 29.4 BASE DIAMETER (IN CM): 9.0 ESTIMATED VOLUME (IN LITERS): 2.0 liters DECORATION: The rim has an engraved scroll motif repeated four times around the vessel. The scrolls are divided by cross-hatched engraved brackets. The scroll fill zones include ovals and rectangles created by cross-hatching or excising, and alternating upper and lower scroll fill zones have a unique hatched hooked arm ending. TYPE: Ripley Engraved, var. Gandy Ripley Engraved, var. Gandy carinated bowl, Burial 1, Pot 3