41CP12, Burial 23, Pot 4" by Timothy K. Perttula and Robert Z. Selden Jr.

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Index of Texas Archaeology: Ripley Engraved

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Perttula, Timothy K.; Selden, Robert Z., Jr.
American Southeast; Caddo; Ceramic; Pottery; Archaeology; Anthropology; Archaeological Anthropology; Social and Behavioral Sciences
artifact description
SITE NAME OR SITE NUMBER: Johns VESSEL NO.: Burial 23, Pot 4 NON-PLASTICS: grog; sandy paste VESSEL FORM: Bowl RIM AND LIP FORM: Inverted rim and a rounded, exterior folded and interior beveled lip CORE COLOR: F (fired in a reducing environment and cooled in the open air) INTERIOR SURFACE COLOR: brown (7.5YR 5/3) EXTERIOR SURFACE COLOR: brown (7.5YR 5/3); fire clouding on the rim, body, and base WALL THICKNESS (RIM, BODY, AND BASE IN MM): 6.1 mm, rim INTERIOR SURFACE TREATMENT: smoothed EXTERIOR SURFACE TREATMENT: smoothed HEIGHT (IN CM): 10.2 ORIFICE DIAMETER (IN CM): 15.1 DIAMETER AT BOTTOM OF RIM OR NECK (IN CM): N/A BASE DIAMETER (IN CM): 8.5 ESTIMATED VOLUME (IN LITERS): 0.62 liters DECORATION: The vessel has two horizontal engraved lines on the upper part of the vessel, above an engraved scroll and circle motif repeated four times around the body. Each central circle has a smaller circle within it with an equal-arm cross element. The upper and lower scroll fill zones include an outer curvilinear engraved and ticked line as well as an inner triangular element with hatched or excised corners. A white kaolin clay pigment has been rubbed in the engraved lines. TYPE: cf. Ripley Engraved, var. Galt Ripley Engraved, var. Galt bowl, Burial 23, Pot 4.