An Exploration of Social Capital among Nurses in the Ambulatory Setting

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Lutz, Anna; McKinnon, Tamara
Lateral violence; Ambulatory nurses; Social capital; Bullying; Nursing Administration; Public Health and Community Nursing
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Bullying and lateral violence are a sadly, common phenomena among nurses. While this issue has been examined within the inpatient, acute setting, it has not been widely researched in the ambulatory setting. This concept is usually looked at from a negative standpoint, looking at the levels of lateral violence. The purpose of this research study was done to explore the levels of social capital, also known as positive peer support, among nurses in the ambulatory setting. The participants of the study were 39 registered nurses from a public health department and an embedded care management department. The tool used was an 18 question survey that was evaluated on a 5 point Likert scale. The results were generally positive showing that the nurses had trust and confidence in their organization, management, and coworkers, but there were also several statistically significant results that showed difference in experience levels of the nurses and their responses and also differences between work location and their responses.