Third National Transportation Security Summit: Rail Security – A Symposium onTerrorism and Business Continuity, MTI Report s-05-02

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This event is one in a series of research and information transfer symposia on transportation security best practices presented by the National Transportation Security Center (NTSC) at the Mineta Transportation Institute (MTI). The symposium was held in conjunction with the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Annual Meeting in Dallas, Texas, on September 29, 2005. With a focus on operational security and business continuity for rail transportation systems in the event of terrorist act or cataclysmic natural disaster, this one-day symposium brought together transportation, security, emergency response, and business continuity management experts. Symposium presenters included Brian Michael Jenkins, Jeanne Lin, Dr. Frances L. Edwards, and Mortimer Downey, III. A panel presentation moderated by Mr. Downey, which included Greg Chilson, Greg Hull, Ron Hynes, and Jo Strang, offered lively discussion about such topics as crisis management, security practices and policies, and recommendations for making rail transportation more robust and secure.