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Worrell, Glenna
Communication and the arts; Art; Ceramics; Fine Arts
thesis / dissertation description
From an early age craft played a major role in my development as a person and as an artist. The traditional 1950s-70s crafts such as quilting, knitting, and sewing as performed by my mother began to influence me as a child and are now what I draw upon in my artwork. This thesis exhibition addresses my future role as a nurturer and how it relates to my relationship with my mother. It is my way of forming a connection with the rich history of craft and that of the studio potter. I draw inspiration from historical and contemporary ceramics, the history of American craft, and both the myth and reality of 1950s American home life. My own personal history instilled in me a desire to work in the handmade. Finally, my connection to the fifties is twofold. First, it was the time period when my mother was a child and second, it is often the most idealized version of American home life.