Creation and Implementation of a Tracking Module for a Small-Geometry, Vertex Time Projection Chamber

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Vol: 49, Issue: 1, Page: 37-40

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Byrd, Christine A.; Howe, Wilson H.; Climer, Amber D.; Braithwaite, Wilfred J.
Instrumentation; Physical Processes
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A charged-particle tracking module was written and tested using pixel data generated from CERN's Monte Carlo detector-modeling program GEANT. This tracking module was customized for testing the design of a micro-strip gas time project chamber, designed by Drs. Margetis and Wieman of the Relativistic Nuclear Collisions Group at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. This low-mass, high-resolution, small-geometry vertex time projection chamber was designed for possible use with a larger instrument in an experiment using the relativistic heavy ion collider, RHIC, under construction at Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York. Implementing this tracking module involved generating tables and source code in a manner which is accessible to any user who is familiar with general purpose programming, using event-based data-processing. This charged-particle tracking module project was initiated in Summer-1994 as part of a 10-week, undergraduate research project at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, sponsored by LBL's Office of Science and Engineering Education. Further research on this project is underway at UALR.