Impact of Nursing Interventions on Positive Confusion Assessment Method (CAM) Scores

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Halsell, Katie
Geriatric Nursing; Nursing; Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing
thesis / dissertation description
Delirium occurs in patients of all ages, especially in the older adult population. Symptoms vary from patient to patient, and delirium is often misdiagnosed. Patients with delirium have a higher cost of care and a longer length of stay in the hospital. Delirium is a stressful event for both the nurse and the patient, resulting in poor patient outcomes. The Confusion Assessment Method (CAM) tool is used to diagnose delirium in confused patients; a positive CAM score indicates delirium. Nursing interventions are used to treat delirium. Interventions used range from non-pharmacologic measures to use of pharmacological measures and restraints. This project will be a quality improvement project for patients with positive CAM scores. The most common nursing interventions used will be identified for possible bundling purposes.