Polyelectrolytes for cell encapsulation

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Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science, ISSN: 1359-0294, Vol: 10, Issue: 1, Page: 45-51

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Surita R. Bhatia; Sarwat F. Khattak; Susan C. Roberts
Elsevier BV
Physics and Astronomy; Chemistry; Materials Science; Chemical Engineering; alginate; tissue engineering; polyelectrolyte complexes; polyelectrolyte gels; immunoprotective membranes; alginate, tissue engineering, polyelectrolyte complexes, polyelectrolyte gels, immunoprotective membranes,
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Recent advances in the use of polyelectrolyte materials for cell encapsulation are reviewed, with a focus on three current challenges: tunable mechanical properties, controlled cell adhesion, and enhanced oxygen supply. New notable results include methods for creating stable alginate–silica complexes, techniques for incorporating RGD-containing peptides into alginate gels, and an improved understanding of the effect of charge density on cell–material interactions.