Simple physical principles and vertebrate aquatic locomotion

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American Zoologist, Vol: 28

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Webb, P W
acceleration; animals; applications; BALANCE; behavior; biological; BIOLOGY; biomechanics; BODY; COMMUNITIES; COMMUNITY; community structure; Comparative studies; conservation; Distribution; drag; elastic; factors; fish locomotion; Flow; force; FREQUENCY; functional morphology; habitat; habitats; history; hydrodynamic; hydrodynamics; LIFE; life history; LIFE-HISTORIES; life-history; limits to performance; locomotion; mechanics; MECHANISM; mechanisms; methods; model; models; morphology; motion; NUMBER; optimal; organisms; other factors; pattern; PATTERNS; physical; prediction; pressure; PRINCIPLES; RATES; resistance; review; reviews; Reynold's Number; scale; scale effect; slender body theory; structure; structures; swimming; Swimming behavior; TIME; vertebrate
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By P W. Webb, Published on 01/01/88