Evaluating the effects of power plant operations on aquatic communities: Summary of impingement survival studies

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Electric Power Research Institute
impingement; power plant; survival; survival study; guidance; fish protection; protection; habitat; restoration; entrainment
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This report provides a summary of impingement survival studies conducted at steam electric power plants since 1970, along with guidance for their interpretation and use. This information will be of value to permit applicants, risk assessors, and risk managers in estimating impingement effects, designing future impingement survival studies, and evaluating potential fish protection benefits of technologies, operational measures, and habitat restorations and enhancements. The report is a companion to EPRI report 1000757, which summarizes entrainment survival information, and complements EPRI reports TR-112013, 1005176, and1005337, which describe the assessment framework and methods and depend, in part, on impingement survival inputs. http://www.epri.com