Awakening Creative Behavior: Contributions from the Rudolf Steiner Method

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Mattioli, Carla Thersa
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In my efforts to understand the fundamental elements of Rudolf Steiner’s (Waldorf) Educational Philosophy for the purposes of writing this thesis, I realized early on that the process of attaining such understanding would necessarily require much more than reading and comprehension on an abstract, intellectual level. In order that I might experience the principles of Waldorf Education in motion, as they were designed to be experimented, I would need to immerse myself into the experience of the arts and self-study with my mind, physical body and emotions, as well as to read and study the works of those how understand Waldorf Education. My role as researcher, then, required that I become a participant-observer, in order that I might explain Waldorf Education through my own personal involvement and experience. My research exploration included visitations at a number of Waldorf Schools in the New England area, to observe first, sixth, eighth and high school classes. Subjects ranged from Geometry and Music to Bookbinding, Weaving, American Studies and Woodcarving. I was able to conduct informal interviews of Waldorf students, parents and teachers during my travels. In addition to visiting schools, I participated in quite a number of workshops and seminars designed for Waldorf...