Youth Employment and Unemployment: Outreach Initiatives in Massachusetts and the City of Boston

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Jennings, James; Stracqualursi, William J.; Sakin, Zaki A.
labor market; teenagers; Commonwealth of Massachusetts; City of Boston; youth employment; unemployment trends; racial identification; Family, Life Course, and Society; Labor and Employment Law; Race and Ethnicity; Work, Economy and Organizations
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An effort is made here to identify trends in the labor market participation of teenagers, especially in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and in the City of Boston; to specify unemployment trends in terms of the racial identification of teenagers or youth, with a special focus on the 14-19 year old cohort; to describe the types of jobs held by teenagers and make an assessment of the long-term implications of types of employment for future employability; to specify the most frequently identified issues* delineated when attempting to address the problem of youth unemployment; to permit young employed people to speak about their own feelings, sentiments and attitudes about active participation in the labor force and what the participation actually means to them; and to describe in detail some of the outreach initiatives and intervention strategies offered at the state, city and private sector levels that address the fundamental issue of how to move increasingly larger numbers of young people into the labor force in ways that enable them to achieve income sufficiency as productive citizens. The purpose of this report is not to evaluate programs. Rather, it is designed to inform the reader of what is currently in place to address the youth labor market participation and unemployment problem, and to suggest areas where expanded intervention is imperative.