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Washington, Mary Helen
Frontline; WGBH-TV; "Street Copy"; Roxbury; Massachusetts; Boston's inner city; war against street drugs; African American Studies; Broadcast and Video Studies; Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Ethnicity in Communication
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Many people in the black community (I among them) strongly object to the "Frontline" documentary, "Street Cop," which was shown on Channel 2 on March 31. But I have even stronger objections to Ed Siegel's review of "Street Cop," which commends the show as "street smart" and dismisses all the serious criticisms of the show from the black community as "not convincing." I am not exactly sure why "street smart" has such a sterling quality for Siegel, but it is disturbing that such a criterion would take precedent over the criticisms that the program stereotypes blacks and Hispanics and misrepresents and exploits an entire community.