Watershed Restoration Assessment for Chamberlain Creek

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Clinefelter, Amy
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Chamberlain Creek, a small tributary to the Blackfoot River, has been subject to the typical disturbance regime of small western, mountain streams. It has been impacted by improper cattle management, dewatering, irrigation diversions, road building, and timber harvesting. In 1988 the Blackfoot Challenge was formed with a mission of preserving and restoring the cold water fishery of the Blackfoot River. Restoration projects have focused on tributaries to the river, and the fishery has responded. There are increased numbers of westslope cutthroat trout and bull trout, both species of concern. Restoration efforts on Chamberlain Creek include water leasing, improved fish passage, and instream restoration. The Blackfoot restoration project is a large scale, cooperative effort with clear objectives, a long-term approach, landowner involvement, and post project monitoring.Read the author's thesis for more information on this topic.