Integration of Icecamp with the Community Ice Sheet Model

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University of Montana Conference on Undergraduate Research (UMCUR)

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Doyle, Kyle
ScholarWorks at University of Montana
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One of the primary computer programs used for modelling the flow of ice sheets is the Community Ice Sheet Model, or CISM. While this program is a very powerful and useful tool, there are other models which portray certain aspects of ice sheet flow in a more accurate manner. Being able to integrate more accurate models into the CISM is an important part of furthering our understanding of ice sheets. The focus of this project is to incorporate a new model, Icecamp, into the CISM. This is a challenging task, particularly as Icecamp is relatively new and has little documentation or testing. Testing will be the main focus of my contribution using the standard methods of intercomparison between different models.This will require research into existing ice flow models, Fortran coding techniques, and extensive research on Icecamp's current functionality. The main focus of the project is modification of existing code, which will require understanding the underlying functionality and extending it significantly. In addition, there are many computing techniques which may contribute to Icecamp, which will also be investigated throughout the course of the project.