Iowa Prairie: Original Extent and Loss, Preservation and Recovery Attempts

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Journal of the Iowa Academy of Science, Vol: 105, Issue: 3, Page: 94-108

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Smith, Daryl D.
prairie; savanna; grassland; presettlement prairie; prairie preservation; prairie restoration; prairie reconstruction; ecosystem recovery; prairie history; original land surveys; prairie demise; Anthropology; Life Sciences; Physical Sciences and Mathematics; Science and Mathematics Education
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Iowa's prairie has to be assessed in the context of the pre- and post-agriculturally dominated ecosystem in which it now exists. This requires an understanding of prairies and of society's perspective of prairies. Therefore, the attitudes of people through time have to be considered; (1) those who were involved in the demise of the prairie, (2) those who helped saved the pieces of the prairie and (3) those who may be called upon to recover the prairie ecosystem.