The Problems and Interests of High School and College Students

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Proceedings of the Iowa Academy of Science

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Haffner, Owen; Schild, Donald
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The purpose of this study was to determine the concerns of interest and the personal problems of high school and college students. The problem was conducted in connection with a course in the psychology of motivation, at Iowa State College. The functional approach in education is receiving much emphasis at the present. If the work of the school can relate itself to the needs and interests of the students, its effectiveness can be greatly increased. Studies such as the present one are thought to be of value in considering curricular offerings of high schools and colleges. The procedure for the study was adopted from a similar investigation by Symonds. To find out the phases of current living which adolescents consider the most serious and the most interesting, Symonds submitted a questionnaire covering fifteen areas of living, to some nine hundred high school students of Tulsa, and to a similar number in New York City. Our data will be compared to those obtained by Symonds.